Service Standards Strategy

Significant work has been done in the past few years to make the existing transit systems in Niagara work better together to benefit riders. A fully consolidated transit model is an opportunity to take these efforts even further – combining  resources to deliver more and better service, providing easier connections between towns and cities, and effectively integrating with expanded GO Train service.

The Service Standards Strategy examines what the transition to consolidated public transit would look like over the next five years and beyond, and is broken into three phases:


Years One and Two:

Standardizing operating hours across Niagara to address some of the immediate problems that come from having a variety of different transit services.


Year Three:

Evaluating specialized transit services in Niagara, like NRT OnDemand, Niagara Specialized Transit, and other local operators, and exploring how to better integrate those services into the wider system.


Years Four, Five and Beyond:

Undertaking a rigorous network service review to examine data gathered from the first few years of operation as a consolidated service, and make any adjustments needed to enhance service for each of Niagara’s twelve municipalities.