Financial Model

Transit in Niagara today is funded by a combination of both Regional and local levies. Niagara’s new Transit Commission Board would be funded from Niagara Region’s budget only, through 12 Regional special levies and not through the Region’s general levy. Tax bills will show a Regional levy tax rate and a Regional Transit tax rate. The core principle of the financial strategy is that residents and transit users only pay for the services that they directly receive.

  • Residents in each municipality would pay the cost of transit within their community.
  • Whereas residents currently pay for local transit on their local tax bill, under the new Commission model, all transit would be paid for by the Regional levy.
  • Existing local costs and future incremental costs would be allocated to municipalities based on the number of hours of service they receive.

Consolidating transit will lead to new efficiencies, improved connections, seamless transfers, and deliver better service to Niagara, while minimizing any cost increases.